Nimcon is also the premium partner for Graphon Go-Global solution in Ghana, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Niger. Go-Global is a solution that allows access to all windows based application anywhere.

Some of our Clients

  • Ernest Chemist Limited
  • Fanmilk Limited
  • Tarkwa Goldfields Hospital
  • Korle Bu Teaching Hospital
  • Ready Petroleum
  • Real Impact Energy
  • CENIT Energy Limited
  • ECPL limited
  • Agrimat Limited
  • Maslenda Fruit processing & Water
  • Johnny’s Meat and Food Complex
  • Jubilee Hospital
  • Kenop Pharmaceutical Distribution Co.
  • Dejoy Limited
  • Med For Cure
  • Fairshores Limited
  • Jane Ann Supermart
  • Sarlinesta Supermarket
  • Fredan Pharmaceutical
  • Instant Solutions Ventures
  • Healex Phamacy
  • Medimart Limited